inviting guests

I broke my foot while staring at the stars.

I am here. I have this huge man boot on and am still showing houses.

My last client had a cast on his left foot and I on my right. We hobbled around looking at houses together. People would stop and stare. The first look would be: “aw, look at that poor lady.” The second look would be: “oh, my goodness! Two handicapped people!”

We made up a story: we were training together in a martial art and we kicked each other’s leg at the same time. He actually broke his foot on a ruck march landing squarely on a stone.

We wrote and offer 50k under the asking price. It is a foreclosure. We’ll see.

Stars are shiny. I’ve got it worse than an infant staring at a ceiling fan. So, it’s decided. I will make my way to my new house and find a deck with a telescope somewhere.

It’s been hard. Then they found out I had arthritis in my two front toes on my broken foot. Said it looked like an old injury. I’ve been telling people it’s because I’ve been kicking too many people in the ass. :)I fractured my fibula near the ankle. I remember that because I call it “the fibber.”

So, it’s been a long week. Had a friend remind me to “invite the Lord” to come and be with me. Good reminder. Come, and be with me, Lord. While I navigate my business on crutches. You are not only the Provider but your are The Provision. You are the fish and the loaves. You are the Lamb that was slain. Obe One, You are my only hope. 😉

I invite you to invite the Lord to hang out with you this week. Be your strength. Be your hope. Be your shiny star and your smooth path. And hope.






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Design id. Design ego, design your life: have a little fun while you do life. "Go Get Your Life On." Christian, Businesswoman, Adventurer.
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